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Military Clothing, Boots & Equipment

If you are looking for operational standard army clothing and kit then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a range of high quality military and outdoor clothing and equipment for military, civilian and cadet use. Whether you are looking for mens military boots, military clothing or military equipment; you can find all the military kit you require with RVOps.

Find Modern Military Equipment & Kit with RVOps

With us you will find affordable military clothing and military equipment that is at the forefront of military design. Whether you are looking for cheap military boots or ladies military clothing; we source only the very best military clothing and kit from well known brands. Browse and buy online from our extensive selection of cheap military boots, ladies military boots, mens military clothing and equipment for every application. Check back regularly to benefit from our special offers and latest products.

Just some of the military equipment and military clothing we stock includes; Mens Military Boots, Ladies Military Boots, Mens Military Clothing, Ladies Military Clothing, Military Equipment, Military Kit and much more...

Military Equipment & Kit from RVOps

RVOps provides military and outdoor clothing and equipment in the UK and tax free to qualifying BFPO (military) addresses. RVOps is owned by an ex Royal Marine and employs ex military staff. We pride ourselves on excellent service, exceptional advice and high quality products. Our military kit shop welcomes all including British Army, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Cadets and Territorial Army (TA), Security services and all members of the Emergency Services.

Tax Free (BFPO)

BFPO tax-free shopping is easy on RVOps. Just shop as normal and the tax will de deducted when you checkout, or if you have an account tax-free prices will show whenever you are logged-in and using your BFPO address.

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Rite in the Rain through the System

RITR waterproof paper, notebooks and accessories can be supplied to any recognised military account including QMs, PRIs or adventurous training organisations.

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Or visit our sister site at All Weather Paper for our civilian range!