Bergens & Daysacs


RVOps retail two models/manufacturers of military Bergens / Rucksacks.

Although our range of Bergen / Rucksacks offer superb comfort the Karrimor SF range lends itself to a more technical carrying system whereas the Berghaus Vulcan is a comfortable no nonsense, straight forward arrangement with the emphasis on simplicity.


The RVOps range of military daysacs reflects quality and durability. Although the ever popular Berghaus Munro Daysac is only sold in Olive Drab, it remains a firm favourite of our troops. Due to its popularity we at RVOps now give our customers the option of additional zips sewn onto the front of this admired Military Daysac. Because choice is paramount at RVOps, we offer the 45 and 30 litre Karrimor SF Sabre daysacs in Olive drab and DPM. The Karrimor SF Sabre daysacs come with side zips making the additional use of Karrimor military side pockets an option.

RVOps daysacs aren’t restricted to just the Munro Daysac.Operational demand is on the increase. With this in mind RVOps offer the Molle Operators Daysac in Desert Tan or OG. Alongside the Molle Operators Daysac are the stalwart Camelbak Motherlode and 3 Day Pass military daysacs. Both the Camelbak and 3 Day Pass military daysacs offer dual purposes and are sold in desert tan.