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Bergens and Daysacs – Which is best for you?

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We get asked a lot of questions about our Bergens and Daysacs. Today we’re going to answer the most popular for you to help you to choose. Which is best, a Bergen or Daysac? How do I choose which to use? What is the best Bergen?

Which is best, a Bergen or Daysac?

This is a question we get quite regularly and our answer remains the same; it depends on the use. You don’t want a Bergen when you’re going out for a few days camping due to the size. But on the other hand, you don’t want to be caught short when you’re out for a trek in the bush and only have a Daysac. A Daysac typically has a capacity of 15 litres – 45 litres and are useful for anyone that is planning on spending a day or two outdoors.

A Bergen is much larger than a Daysac. Mostly used in the military, the Bergen has a capacity of up to 100 litres. Suitable for a journey through the bush that is due to last more than a couple of days and perfectly suited to military personnel.

How do I choose which to use?

The best Bergen isn’t always the biggest, whereas the best Daysac it isn’t always the lightest either. It’s what feels right to you. It’s recommended that you use a Bergen on trips that would require more materials, more clothing and more essentials. Daysacs are best used for shorter trips. We have Bergens and Daysacs from Berghaus and Karrimor SF, but neither compare to the superior quality of Crib Gogh.

What is the best Bergen?

This takes us swiftly onto a new offering from Crib Gogh, is like no other, it has been vigorously tested using extraordinary methods. The “Ridgeback 100L Holdall Multicam” by Crib Gogh has been dropped 400m from a helicopter, just to test it’s durability. The torque rating on this bag is so high, it can be used to tow a Transit van! This bag far exceeds the industry standards, in fact, this bag has broken the industry standards! The 100 litre capacity is plenty enough to make sure you have everything that you need and still have room to spare for a good book.