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RVOps does Snugpak

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What started out as a small company in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside has now turned into a brand that is recognised Worldwide. Snugpak started in the 1970’s producing insulated body warmers. Today, they are a household name for all things outdoors.

Snugpak Sleeping Bags

Snugpak sleeping bags set the benchmark when it comes to quality and comfort. For a comfortable night sleep, there isn’t much better than the Snugpak sleeping bags. The Softie insulation will keep you warm in most low temperature weathers. Each of the different Snupak sleeping bags has a different temperature rating. This enables you the ability to easily choose from the selection of Snugpak sleeping bags.

Snugpak Clothing

Planning an outdoor trip? We would highly recommend that you take a look at our selection of Snugpak clothing before venturing outdoors. The range of Snugpak clothing is enough to keep you warm, regardless of the weather. Not just warm either, but dry too. The Snugpak clothing utilises the same Softie insulation as some of the Snugpak sleeping bags. You’ll never be cold outside again!

Snugpak Rucksacks and Bergens

nugpak rucksacks and bergens are an affordable solution to load carrying. The Snugpack rucksacks and bergens start as low as 35litres. This is the perfect size if you’re looking to carry equipment enough for a weekend. The largest of the Snugpak rucksacks is 70litres. This should easily see you carrying everything that you could need.

Other Snugpak Accessories

As well as rucksacks, clothing and sleeping bags. Snugpak also do a selection of useful accessories too. Take for example the All Weather Grid Notebook – this little beauty enables you to write in any weather, and for a great price too. Not to mention the Black 500ml Aluminium Drinks Bottle. A handy bit of kit where ever you are.

Brown Boots by LOWA

For most people, they’re happy with the boots that the MoD issue. However for those of you that aren’t happy with these boots. There’s a solution! Brown LOWA boots.Brown LOWA boots for quality!Now, when it comes to LOWA boots they speak nothing but quality. Every little details about the brown LOWA boots has been carefully [...]

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A selection of Father’s Day gift ideas

So Father’s Day is looming and yet again, we’re stuck for gift ideas. It’s just like their birthday. There’s so much that you could choose from, but you don’t want to get it wrong! We have compiled a list of some great gift ideas that you couldn’t go wrong with. All of our Father’s Day [...]

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Custom Flip Flops for the Summer

It’s no secret that Summer is upon us! The days are longer and the nights are shorter. Women are donning the skirts whilst the men are sporting their shorts. Summer isn’t summer without some of our Custom Flip Flops to keep your feet cool! Don’t follow the crowd with standard designs and patterns. Stand out [...]

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LOWA UK – Warning Order

LOWA UK are relocating to new premises, which in turn, will have an effect on delivery times!Please note that all orders placed after tomorrow,15th May, will result in a 7-10 days delivery delay. Normal service should resume in approximately one week.We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately this one is [...]

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Bergens and Daysacs – Which is best for you?

We get asked a lot of questions about our Bergens and Daysacs. Today we’re going to answer the most popular for you to help you to choose. Which is best, a Bergen or Daysac? How do I choose which to use? What is the best Bergen?Which is best, a Bergen or Daysac?This is a question [...]

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Bear Grylls death – Adventure ends in Tragedy

Surviving winter outdoors in the Scottish wilderness by living off the land may seem a romantic ideal to people such as Bear Grylls, but in reality it would be almost impossible for anyone to accomplish successfully. Sadly, it certainly proved too much for 29 year old David Austin whose body was found in a remote [...]

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Army education making a difference in young lives

Education may not be the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of the army. Perhaps the typical view of the army involves soldiers in combat situations or military exercises. At the Army Foundation College in Harrogate they take a rather different approach. They take young people who have often left school [...]

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Night Vision Goggles and new MOD Technology

Have you heard about the Optically Addressable Light Valve (OALV)? If you aren’t already familiar with the OALV it is likely that you will be hearing about it a lot more in the future.MOD partners with Qioptiq to make technology commercially available. The OALV was developed by the MOD’s Defence and Technology Laboratory and they [...]

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TRF – What is a Tactical Recognition Flash?

A Tactical Recognition Flash is one of the lesser known aspects of British military uniforms. Everyone knows about cap badges, and that different regiments can be identified by their badges, but not everyone is so familiar with the concept of Tactical Recognition Flashes. To put it simply a tactical recognition flash consists of a coloured [...]

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