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Bushcraft Techniques for City People

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For anyone born in the city the idea of living in the woods far from the comforts of civilisations may seem intimidating, after all the closest that many city dwellers get to nature is the occasional fishing trip or a walk in the park.

Learn bushcraft to thrive in the wild

What most of those who live in the city have forgotten is that it is possible not only to survive in wild but to actually thrive and enjoy life without the modern conveniences that we have started to think are essential to life.

The key to being able to thrive in the wild is to make preparations for life in the wild while you are still in civilisation. Starting a fire for instance, you should plan ahead and look at tools to aid with making fire such as a firesteel.

Most survival experts recommend carrying enough supplies to support yourself in the wild for 72 hours. However we want to do more than just survive in the wild until we can make it back to civilisation. We want to live in the wild for an extended period of time, for this reason yourbushcraft kit must contain enough supplies for you to live in the wild for at least three weeks. You may be interested in this survival tin which contains the basics for survival in the wild.

Knowledge is the key

Many people have the idea that to stay in the wild for that length of time you require a bushcraft kit so big that you can barely carry it. This really isn’t the case, there are some items that are essential for your kit such as cooking gear, but the most important item to bring with you is knowledge and that won’t take up any room in your pack. The general principle to remember when it comes to bushcraft is that:

The more you know, the less you will have to carry

Many of the tools that you can use to live in the wild can be found all around you if you know where to look. You can easily create a shelter for sleeping in. Even sticks and stones can be turned into vital tools if you understand how to do it. You can use pine resin to act as a natural glue, and it is possible to hunt game without the need for a high power rifle. Don’t discount the food that grows by itself. There are many plants that grow in the wild that are perfectly edible even if we might not normally think of eating them. Any good herbalist could probably live very well on the contents of your garden.

Tools don’t have to be expensive

There are some tools that you can’t easily make for yourself in the wild. It is these that you should keep in your bushcraft pack. These tools don’t have to be expensive. Most of what you need can be purchased in a general hardware store or perhaps a military surplus store, and these will probably cost less than you might think. Most items on your list should cost you less than £20. Take the Clipper Morakniv for example – an excellent well priced knive for bushcraft.

Enjoy life in the wild

Learning bushcraft skills can be a wonderful experience, and if you want to learn how to thrive in the wild then approach the subject with an open mind and you will enjoy yourself, but if you force yourself to live in the wild when you would much prefer sitting at home watching television you are only going to make yourself miserable. Bushcraft is not for everyone. If you find that you don’t enjoy boiling water every time you want a drink, or catching or roasting squirrels for your supper, then the best advice is simply to stop.

Bushcraft is meant to be an enjoyable experience. With a little application and a few simple tools you can learn how to live comfortably in the wild.