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Use an Exped bag to keep your kit dry

When you are setting out on an expedition of any length one of the most important considerations is how you will keep all of your stuff dry and protected from the conditions outside. With this in mind a waterproof expedition bag is one item of kit that you can't afford to leave behind, an Exped bag will keep all your valuables safe and dry until you need them.

The Exped stuff sacs sold by RVOps come in many sizes ranging from the very small up as far as large. They have a fold down top to stop water getting into the bag and will keep all your stuff dry through rain or even a river crossing. They are also dust and sand proof so wherever you are going these Exped bags ensure that your kit gets there in perfect condition. If you are looking for a waterproof expedition bag then there will be something in the Exped range that matches your requirements perfectly.

Apart from the Exped stuff sacs RVOps also has waterproof daysac liners and waterproof Bergen liners from Exped. All of these bags and Exped stuff sacs can be filled with whatever kit you need for your expedition. They will help to prevent damage to your kit from water, dust or sand whatever the environment your need to travel through. You can trust Exped to protect your kit and ensure everything you need arrives at your destination safe and dry.