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Karrimor SF

Karrimor SF from RVOps

Bear the load with Karrimor SF. We’re committed to bringing you the best products for the job, which is why we stock a range of Karrimor SF backpacks and daysacs. Whether you’re looking for a specific model, or just something to meet your needs, you’re bound to find it here.

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Karrimor Special Forces: Predator and Sabre

Karrimor’s Special Forces range was launched in 1995 when the creators of Karrimor decided to create something with the innovations and discoveries from the civilian brand for Special Forces and law enforcement units. Their products are put to the test by the very people who will use them to ensure that they will withstand the extremes that they have to. The Sabre and Predator ranges have been designed to complement one and other, while Sabre is the older range, Predator is more modular. Sabre is considered robust and Predator allows for additional pockets.

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So if you need new camping packs, then you need look no further for a reliable and durable backpack that will last the distance. Wherever you are, order yours today.