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KLYMIT Inertia X-Frame Recon & KLYMIT Inertia X-Lite Recon

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At first sight it is holes in the KLYMIT Inertia X-Frame and the X-Lite that are most noticeable. Why would anyone choose to sleep on a pad full of holes?

The answer to that question is comfort, they offer a more comfortable and relaxing nights sleep than you might get with many other pads. These sleeping pads made by KLYMIT have been described as the most technically advanced camping pads ever produced.

The cut-out sections of pads serve a dual function, first they help to reduce the bulk of the pads so that they are take up less space in your pack, the X-Lite is smaller than a banana when it is rolled up, and the X-Frame reduces to the size of a coke can. Secondly the cut out sections form the basis of what KLYMIT call their Loft Pocket Technology. The holes or loft pockets are designed to encourage breathability while letting the insulation on the bottom of sleeping bags maintain warmth and loft instead of being crushed under your body while you are sleeping. This all adds together to help ensure you have a warm and comfortable sleep all night long.

The pads have been scientifically designed to provide your body with support exactly where you need it. All the key pressure zones on your body are supported while other areas are allowed to support themselves naturally. This helps to avoid the problems that can be experienced with some sleeping pads where when you press down into the pad with your buttocks or other part of the body you move the air in the pad elsewhere and create an air bulge that is uncomfortable, or can even cause backache if you lay in that position too long.

How they compare

Both the KLYMIT Inertia X-Frame and the X-Lite are made of durable fabric, the X-Lite can be inflated with only two breaths and is a ¾ length pad, while the award-winning X-Frame is declared to be the world’s lightest full length camping pad. Both pads are supplied with a dry air pump that helps you to inflate them to greater pressures than would be possible if you were just inflating the pad by mouth.

Which one should you buy?

Which one you would choose to purchase is going to come down to a matter of personal choice. The X-Lite will take up less space in your pack and also weighs less than the X-Frame. The X-Frame a full length sleeping pad and therefore does not compact down quite as small as the X-Lite, but it does have advantages for those of us who tend to move around during the night rather than lying on our backs. The full length sleeping pad offers the reassurance that we will actually be able to stay on the pad all night without rolling off the edges of it.


KLYMIT X-Frame and the X-Lite sleeping pad would both be excellent choices for the serious outdoor enthusiast who wants a compact, durable pad, yet wants to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. The KLYMIT X-Lite may be more suited to someone who always sleeps on their back, while the X-Frame may be a more suitable choice for someone who enjoys a variety of sleeping positions.