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A Little Bit About Mountain Equipment

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RVOps work hard to bring to your door quality products that function on exercise and operations. When considering products we have to strike a balance between functionality and affordability. If, working on your behalf, we can source products of equal standards our job is to then consider cost. There is no doubt that Haglofs is a quality brand, but Mountain Equipment has same pedigree offering up the same high standards at a price point that is more acceptable to UK Armed Forces personnel.

Mountain Equipment now being used in the joint services establishments across the UK and is considered by the majority of Royal Marine Mountain Leaders to be the No1 brand for outdoor clothing, high praise indeed, when you consider role within the UK Armed Forces.

It is Mountain Equipment

When I served I always looked to the civilian population (civ pop) to gauge what equipment worked and what didn’t, why? Well civilians wouldn’t use equipment in the harshest of weathers if it failed! On that basis I would take note and then try and source that equipment in appropriate colours, Mountain Equipment was one of those brands. My Mountain Equipment clothing and sleeping bag kept me warm on many a Norway deployment. On a more impressive note Mountain Equipment has supplied an Everest expedition every year since their inception 53 years ago. Add to that, that Mountain Equipment is a British high quality brand coupled with affordability then the net result is a high quality affordable piece of equipment, that will stand up to the rigours of service life.

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