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Mag Lite

Mag-Lite torches offer a powerful light from a compact torch

A maglite torch is a great tool to have around any time you could be out after dark. These compact maglight torches give a surprising high-intensity light beam that will help you find your way around anywhere dark.

The mini Mag-Lite available from RVOps offers an adjustable light beam so you can produce a focused spot of light or a full flood beam depending on the situation you find yourself in. Mag-lite torches are anodized both inside and out to help guard against corrosion so this torch should last for a long time before you need to think about replacing whatever the conditions you need to use it in.

There is an range accessories pack available from RVOps to help you get the most out of your mag lite torches. Once you pick up the accessory pack you will have access to a set of lenses to enable you to choose a red, amber, or clear light beam for your maglite torch.

If you don't require all the features of mini Mag lite torches offer then why not consider the Mag-Lite Solitaire. While this ultra compact maglite torch is powered from a single AAA battery and is only three inches in length it is still capable of surprising with the strength of it's beam, it's small size makes it the perfect portable lighting solution to carry around in the bottom of your bag and get out and use when ever you need it.