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Military Fitness

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Need some inspiration with your fitness routine? Why not follow some of our military fitnessexercises and ideas. The fitness information on this page has been put together by ex military personnel and fitness enthusiasts – not personal trainers or nutritionists. We are merely sharing what worked for us. Use as much or as little of our advice as you want or need to complete your goals. As always, you should consult your doctor if you have aches/pains when exercising or are starting a new fitness plan. With that said, read on!

Your Military Fitness Goal

The first step (and most important one) is preparing mentally for your fitness goal. If you’re like me and get a short fuse when tired, then you probably need a reason to carry on. By planning ahead you can address any issues that may arise. The first problem you may come across is finding a gym that has all the facilities you need to achieve your goal. Make sure you take the time to do your research as you may sign up to a gym and find yourself tied in for a year! For the best military fitness you need the best equipment.

Make a to-buy list

If you have all the equipment you need before you start then you are less likely to give up. Excuses like “I couldn’t do that because I didn’t have the right kit” won’t work. Believe me I speak from experience on this one! Below I have made a list of things that helped me achieve my goals and so may help you also. RVOps actually provide some excellent kit for military fitness as it is all top quality stuff. Click the items to see where I got mine from, they are all available at RVOps at the time of writing. You will also need to put together a shopping list for the food. Make sure you stick to your list and don’t get swayed by offers on junk food. Make sure you go shopping for food after eating, this will help when you ignore the reduced chocolate bars.


Food & Diet

  • Protein – Chicken, Fish, Egg Whites, Extra Lean Beef, Nuts, Beef Jerky.
  • Carbs – Brown Rice, Wholemeal/Brown Pasta, Sweet Potato, Oats.
  • Nutrients – Green Veg (broccoli, sprouts etc), Multi-vitamins.
  • Fluids – Water, Black Coffee, Green Tea, Protein Shakes.

Military Fitness is a Change of Habit

This may sound harsh but to achieve your goals you may need to change the way you currently live. If you do little or no exercise then you really should consider changing that, the benefits are huge and after you change, you won’t want to go back.

The Basics

We don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs but there is some basic information you should know that will help you make the right choices:

  • Protein is what your body needs to build muscle and help repair damaged tissue from exercise.
  • Carbs (Carbohydrates) are you body’s preferred energy source, eating the correct carbs will keep your metabolism running at its best.

These are the two biggest factors to think about when starting your military fitness routine, they are not the only factors though. Another that was mentioned about was metabolism, this is a very complex process but basically it’s what drives the chemical reactions in your body. Providing the best ingredients (food & exercise) causes better results (fitness). In my experience the best way to burn fat is to eat many small portioned meals a day, by many I mean about 6-7 a day and by small I mean a 2-3 fist sized portion. Each portion should also consist of protein, carbs, nutrients and plenty of water.

Military Fitness Exercises

Its important to share your exercise time between cardo and strength. This will ensure you gain muscle but keep the fat from piling on. Below I have shared my average week of exercise with timings and explanations. Feel free to modify this weekly routine for your own benefit.


  • 0600 - Gym [Target Muscle Group – Chest].
  • 1800 - Sports Hall [Cardio – Circuits].


  • 0600 – Gym [Target Muscle Group – Legs].


  • 0630 – Gym [Cardio – Spinning Class].

Thursday: Day Off.


  • 0600 – Gym [Target Muscle Group – Bi/Tri].
  • 1730 - Sports Hall [Cardio – Circuits].


  • 0700 – Gym [Target Muscle Group – Back].


  • 0730 – Outdoor [Cardio – 6 Mile Run].

Muscle Group Exercises

– Bench Press [3 sets of 10 reps], Slight Incline Bench Dumbell Press [4 sets of 10 reps], Seated Press [4 sets of 10 reps], Cable Cross-Overs [4 sets of 10 reps], Machine Flyes [4 sets of 10 reps].

Arms (Biceps/Triceps) – Weighted Dips [4 sets of 10 reps], Standing EZ Bar Curls [3 sets of 10 reps], Tricep Rope Extensions [3 sets of 10 reps], Hammer Curls [3 sets of 10 reps], Skull Crushers [3 sets of 10 reps], Pyramid Set of Barbell Curls [1 set of 4(heavy), 6(lighter), 8(lighter), 10(lighter), 12(lightest)].

Back - Wide Grip Chin-Ups [4 sets to failure], V-Bar Cable Row [4 sets of 10 reps], Bent Over Dumbell Row [4 sets of 10 reps], Wide-Grip Pull Downs [4 sets of 10 reps], 10 mins rowing machine.

Cardio – Aim for 45-60 mins intense effort.

Circuits – One of the best all round military fitness routines you can do. Using mainly body weight exercises mixed with jogging and sprints. You can even do your own at home, choose about 10 different exercises and go through them doing 30-60 secs on each.
Circuit Exercise Ideas; Press Ups, Diamond Press Ups, Incline/Decline Press Ups, Shuttles (sprints), Sit Ups, Crunches, Bicycle Sit Ups (elbows to knees), Plank, Squat Thrusts, Burpees, Walking Lunges, Skipping, Step Ups, Dips, Burpee with Press Up, Power Jumps

When performing your routine always make sure you have your notebook on you to jot down the weights you are using. That way the next week you should try to up the weight slightly, even if you have to do a drop set – this way you know you are always improving which adds to the feeling of achievement.

Please comment on this post with how you are doing, questions on anything mentioned or just to say hello. We are considering adding military fitness video guides or even a full diary to follow along with – comment below to let us know if this is something you would like. RVOps.

Please note, using our advice we cannot guarantee results like this:

Extra Note, Choose a gym with a Jacuzzi, steam room or sauna and you’ll have something to look forward to after your workout or even as a treat on the weekend!