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Pack your kit in an Ortlieb bag to keep it dry

Keeping your kit dry while you are on an expedition can sometimes be a challenge. There is nothing worse than stopping to take a break on your journey and finding that all of your kit is soaked and unusable. To prevent this situation you can use an Ortlieb dry bag. Add an Ortlieb bag or a Bergen liner to your kit allows you to keep all of your important items safe and away from damage or contamination by water.

RVOps have a range of other Ortlieb accessories that will help you to protect your kit from whatever the environment throws at them. If you have important documents that you need to keep in the open during bad weather then there is an Ortlieb waterproof case just the right size. Whether you need an A3 chart case or a standard A4 Ortlieb waterproof case, or even something smaller like an A5 case or a waterproof case to hold your passport then RVOps have a document case that is ideal.

Its not just documents that Ortlieb help to protect. There are also a range of Ortlieb waterproof cases for phones that will allow you to keep your phone close at hand in even the wettest conditions. If you need to transport large items and make sure that they remain dry and protected then the best solution for you is the Ortlieb Big Zip. The Big Zip has a capacity of 140 Litres and can either be carried on your back or by two people with one at each end. It is the easiest way to keep large items dry in wet conditions.