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Philippines Aid provided by the Royal Navy

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Philippines Aid has been provided by Royal Naval Helicopters from HMS Illustrious after the islands were recently devastated by Typhoon Haiyan two weeks ago. Sea King and Merlin helicopters sent engineering teams to repair damage to schools, clear roads and help repair fishing boats. Sea King helicopters have also airlifted in food packs which contained rice, biscuits, cooking oil, tinned food, pots and cooking equipment.

The 829 Naval Air Squadron Merlin has taken teams of Sailors and Royal Marines ashore. They spent the previous day surveying the affected areas by air in order to assess where the aid is needed most. A specialist team has now moved ashore and has prepared a Helicopter Landing Site on the Island of Calagnaan. Once on the island their task is to assist local residents restore buildings, transport links and ensure the much needed Philippines aid reaches all remote areas.

“The villagers have asked for tarpaulins, wood, a disaster relief pack, water and a generator as theirs had been rendered unusable by the storm,” said Capt Hyslop from 29 Commando Royal Artillery.

“This was a real success as we provided them with exactly what they needed to get back on their feet.”

The disaster relief packs containing wheelbarrows, tarpaulins, rope, hammers, saws, nails, rubbish bags, wellington boots and dust masks are being put together by the Logistics team onboard HMS Illustrious.

Philippines aid from HMS Daring

HMS Illustrious has taken over from HMS Daring, a Type-45 Destroyer, which had been in the area for a week delivering immediate Philippines aid after Typhoon Haiyan struck. Helicopters are flying throughout daylight hours, with their Air Engineering support working during the night to ensure that they are ready for the following day.

News and Images taken from Royal Navy Website.