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Satellite Navigation

GPS Navigation devices help you find your way anywhere

It is always helpful to know where you are. This is especially true if you happen to be travelling in an unfamiliar area without much in the way of support. It is in situations like these that the RVOps range of portable and handheld GPS devices can really prove their worth. There is no excuse now to wander in circles, or to spend hours trying to remember the right path to take you home. You only need to remember to bring your GPS device with you and you can find your way easily anywhere you want to go.

Hands free navigation

Depending on your requirements you could opt for a handheld GPS navigation device or one that straps on your wrist. We have a selection of portable GPS devices from Garmin which include the Foretrex 401 GPS. This wrist mounted GPS navigation device leaves both of your hands free which makes it perfect for activities that require both hands.

The Foretrex 401 stops you getting lost by letting you see the route you have taken. You can save locations in the device memory so you can access them and find your way to them at the simple press of a button.

Of course most portable GPS devices do much more than simply tell you where you are going. The devices available from RVOps will allow you to access information like sunrise and sunset times, tide times, the barometric pressure and the weather. You can often use the supplied USB cable to download information from your handheld GPS to another device.

The range of devices you can find at RVOps means that there is a suitable GPS option for any situation. Whether you are walking, cycling, or skiing you will find the GPS solution that fits in perfectly with your situation and can help you to navigate your way to your destination, wherever that may be.