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Sniper Tape, What Will You Do With Yours?

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Scapa sniper tape is an essential component for any military kit. It has a huge range of possible uses and is one of the most versatile items that any soldier can carry. Until now, sniper tape has been difficult to obtain in a size that can be easily carried around, but nowsniper tape is available from RVOps in a handy 10m roll that can be carried in most packs.

What can you use sniper tape for?

The short answer to that question is “You can use sniper tape for almost anything!” Sniper tape has a long history of being used to cover, repair, or patch almost anything you can think of, and quite a few of you probably wouldn’t have even guessed at. Everything from weapons to mugs can be repaired with sniper tape.

Some of the more common military uses include:

  • Camouflaging weapons and kit
  • Repairing clothing and webbing
  • NBC repairs
  • Camouflaging ID information
  • Writing important information

Sniper tape is generally supplied in camouflage green but may soon be available in colours more suited to other environments such as the desert. This will be very useful for all of those who need to operate in those environments where traditional camouflage colours are of little use.

Away from the military, sniper tape has many uses in civilian life. There are occasions when concealment for a time is desirable. These include activities like hunting where it helps to remain out of sight for a while to maintain the element of surprise. You can now employ thismilitary grade sniper tape to help you and your equipment remain concealed until you choose to make your presence known.

Other uses for sniper tape

Sniper tape can also be used to repair clothing, or repair items which become damaged while you are trekking out of the reach of civilization. Sniper tape has so many uses that no survival pack can really be considered complete without it. Imagine you are trekking, or preparing to climb one of the mountains in Scotland. What are you going to do if your tent gets torn or damaged? You may be several hours away from help from anyone on the ground and you could get very cold trekking back home. If you are carrying sniper tape in your kit then you will be able to repair your damaged tent and stay warm and dry all night until you are able to get it replaced.

Scapa sniper tape should form a part of your kit whatever your plans. It is the perfect solution to many problems, and now it is available from RVOps in a size that makes it easy to fit in any kit and carry with you wherever you go.