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Suunto Ambit 2 Black

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One of the latest additions, the Suunto Ambit 2 Black. You can see the technical details on our website but we would just like to say WOW! What an awesome piece of kit, by far the best we’ve seen from Suunto. After prolonged use the old Ambit did become battered and bruised and prone to wear & I can understand why original Suunto Ambit users feel duped with the apparent lack of yearly software upgrades from Suunto. This has been addressed by Suunto and you can read the response from Suunto here:

So what’s the difference between the new Suunto Ambit2 introduced in April 2013 and the original Ambit ? I wont go into too much depth as this has already been done in depth, but DC Rainmakers blog is excellent and worth a read. It has a more simpler design, weighs 9g more which comes from the addition of the barometric altimeter and temperature sensors but it is thinner without loosing any of the screen size. Suunto have also redesigned the bezel to alleviate the ‘wear’ issue. You will receive a 4 pin USB cable and a very detailed Suunto 9 language manual – a heart rate strap and monitor is included in the 2S models. Fused Alti, multi sport functionality etc and the new improvements are explained here: